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Fantasy & Sci-Fi Stories and Essays

...or sometimes just blogging rants

2 September 1983
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Because sometimes you need to create your own homework assignments to keep yourself on task.

Creative Writers are good at making up stories, not excuses.

My name is Sara, and I am a professional technical editor and a fiction writer in a small desert town in California, within the Mojave Desert. Life can be dull at times, but I enjoy the quiet peacefulness and open space. This is still SoCal, so there is still easy accessibility to a variety of attractions, including theme parks. Isolation and loneliness can get me down sometimes, but I live among family, have pleasant and entertaining coworkers, not to mention a handful of local friends. Besides, I am too open-minded with hobbies to ever be bored or defeated.

I enjoy the outdoors as much as I enjoy the indoors. I tend to fall behind in most venues of popculture, but I enjoy the stress relief of Soul Calibur, Neil Gaiman's latest fantasy novel or film, the sound of Bill O'Reilly's voice on The Factor, the mystery behind the latest TAPS investigation, the entrance theme song of WWE's Phenom, Naruto AMVs, and a bunch of other random stuff. Some of what I've listed may imply a broad interest in certain subjects, but I've have tried to narrow it down so as not to give any misleading implications about my rather specific interests. Some interests fade in-and-out depending on the season, weather, or my schedule. Really, there are so many things to try that nailing down a list of regular hobbies is quite difficult and ever-changing.

Out of all the devil-may-care business I get involved with, I: pursue publishing opportunities, play video games, watch anime, sew (among other crafts), practice desktop publishing; and currently work in the not-so-exciting profession of secretarial labor (aka, the female stereotype). No, I am not blonde, I am brunette and very intelligent with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Business. At least I get paid well and can afford rent without having to exploit my charming good looks.

Current Pursuit: 2nd Novel; and I am looking for an affordable place to live in New England so that I may spend the remainder of my life (or at least a very long time) away from the West Coast.