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Business Travel... Brr

This will be my first time on Business Travel and there are lots of opposing factors to hinder me along the way.

1.) Renting a car
2.) Traffic
3.) Weather
4.) Following MapQuest directions w/o getting lost
5.) Parking

I'm rapidly losing my cool as I review my travel arrangements. This is not just me against nature... packed freeways... crazy L.A. drivers... truckers... inexperience... poor road conditions... or rapid lane changes. This is me against: nature, packed freeways, crazy L.A. drivers, truckers, inexperience, poor road conditions, and the need to change lanes rapidly...


1.) I'm not insured to drive the family car so hence the need for a rental car with added insurance. The rental car agency doesn't open until 7:30am and I have an 11:00am appointment 3 1/2 hours away (considering traffic). Thus, there's no grace period. I've got to go non-stop. OMG! OMG! OMG!

2.) The only time-saver option is completing the rental car paperwork the day before. OMG! OMG! OMG!

3.) I have to put my trust in the punctuality of a rental car agency's employee to open the office on time. OMG! OMG! OMG!

4.) I'll be in the car all alone and in traffic trying to read directions to a place I've never been to. The risks of getting lost are high. OMG! OMG! OMG!

5.) Inter-city parking will be a *itch. OMG! OMG! OMG!

6.) I'll be behind the wheel of a car that I've never driven in my life. OMG! OMG! OMG!

All the odds are against me, despite which, will I manage to be optimistic and free from panic on the day of travel. *shakes the magic 8-ball

(A note to a friend: please do not tell me "You need a car," because if you have any compassion, you will realize that NOW is not the time for this discussion. I'm a heartbeat away from having a panic attack as it is.)
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Self-Educating in Progress...

In the past, I have used the internet to browse for peevish bits of information that have nagged the back of my mind, such as "What was the name of that actor?", or I have otherwise spent hours wasting my day to find a bit of online amusement.

Lately, however, I have been using the web to help me find quick answers that make better use of my time during an honest day's work. This kind of resourcefulness has not occurred since I stopped looking for academic articles online the day I graduated college. Now, I'm gaining tidbits of knowledge regularly from never-before-visited webpages. Because of the classification of most of the work I do now, I can't share every bit of information that I find, nor would you probably be interested if I did. But I know a lot of you are writers out there, so here's a bit of wisdom that I would like to share with my literate comrades:

There are two important things to learn here in the way of grammar.

There is a difference between acronyms and abbreviations. An acronym is usually formed by taking the first initials of a phrase or compounded-word and using those initials to form a word that stands for something. Thus NATO, which we pronounce NATOH, is an acronym for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and LASER (which we pronounce "lazer"), is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. FBI, then, is not really an acronym for the Federal Bureau of Investigation; it is an abbreviation. AIDS is an acronym; HIV is an abbreviation. URL is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator (World Wide Web address), but many people pronounce it as "Earl," making it a true acronym, and others insist on pronouncing it as three separate letters, "U * R * L," thus making it an abbreviation. The jury is still out. (I vote for Uncle Earl.)

Using articles with abbreviations and acronyms:
One of the most often asked questions about grammar has to do with the choice of articles — a, an, the — to precede an abbreviation or acronym. Do we say an FBI agent or a FBI agent? Although "F" is obviously a consonant and we would precede any word that begins with "F" with "a," we precede FBI with "an" because the first sound we make when we say FBI is not an "f-sound," it is an "eff-sound." Thus we say we're going to a PTO meeting where an NCO will address us. We say we saw a UFO because, although the abbreviation begins with a 'U," we pronounce the "U" as if it were spelled "yoo." Whether we say an URL or a URL depends on whether we pronounce it as "earl" or as "u*r*l."

This lesson has been provided by the CCC Foundation.
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Losing loved ones by the Hour

I know God isn't punishing me, but... Oh God!

At about 5am this morning, my grandma passed away. Then, around noon time, I get a call from one of my mother's co-workers who tells me that my mom's rabbit (really, my rabbit), Shady, is very ill. The situation did not appear serious, but after an unsuccessful hour of not being able to reach my mother by phone, I get a second phone call from the same lady. Shady is deathly ill and someone needs to run her to the vet, which the lady is nice enough to volunteer to do at the end of her shift. Now, she will be contacting at any number she can reach me at: my cell, my work, and my home, to make decisions on Shady's treatment. And if need be, I may have to make the decision to put her to sleep.

- my rabbit Shady passed away (appr. 2:30pm).

Can someone help me think of a epitaph for her?
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Beyond the Cubical Walls

Just a few tears for one really embarrassing moment
An unheard judgment beyond my cubical
Perhaps I am weak for the dependency
or I might just be a thought short of paranoid

My words were heard, but what was made of them?
Is the secret out and do they know?

My cover might be blown
And all who think me strong will see
The sorriness and sorrow deep within

Should they discuss it behind my back
Should they judge one moment's handicap

I scorn what they should think of me
The medication they ponder
the disease they think me under
They fear
I feel

And maybe just their silence
kept in distance
shall keep me away

And under what circumstance
will the questions be raised?
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Not Bad for a Bad Day

For reasons that have yet to be determined or pin-pointed, I fell ill this morning and lost my breakfast. Sure that this was a fluke and not the flu, I proceeded to go to work.

I wasn't going to let a few minutes of the morning ruin the rest of my day. The nausea felt more like dehydration rather than a stomach ache caused by something that I ate; which in support: the heater was running all night and I stood in front of a space heater for half an hour in the morning, even after I was warm and changed. I was drinking (alcohol) all weekend and was on the road sunbathing in the backseat of my parent's car. I should have drank more water and less beer.

Well, the morning is gone and I've had one relapse of the nausea I felt this morning. I have been drinking nothing but water since I arrived in the office.

I also decided that today would be the day that I uninstall my trial version of Office 2007 and go back to working on my documents through Office 2003. The un-installation process seemed to work smoothly at first. Then I tried to open my documents and none of the Office 2003 programs would start up. MS turns up with the message: Missing file ZF612707.CAB.

This just isn't my morning.

An hour later, a call to the tech's later, several emails to the executive assistant later:
the original Office 2003 installation disk is found and I run the reinstall/repair feature and my technical issue is resolved.

It's now lunch time and so far so good: I am able to hold down my sandwich and continue to sip water.

I'm not going to let my morning ruin the rest of my day! I'm not!
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X-Mas Shopping - Round 1

This should be interesting. I just started shopping for gifts online, but things are looking pretty grim. I'm not spending $200 on one person like I had to last year. (no need to mention names or family members)

Why can't I just order this stuff online? Why does my mom want me to pick her some new clothes? Oh, I am going to do as much x-mas shopping as i can via the world wide web. There are too many people to shop for and time is moving quickly. Plus, I work 9 hour days and need the sleep. So here goes another round of digital shopping. Ugh!
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Wirelessly Disconnected

I dunno - I had a lot on my mind to talk about and now all I want to do is rant. >:P (*bites tongue)

The new *used cell phone is great. It has the speaker phone option that I always wanted to allow me to better multi-task while talking all the telephone. That's been one reason why I don't spend a lot of time on the phone.

Unfortunately, there has been no time for setting up the internet at home because I've made as many phone calls as I can stand to MediaCom and they put me on hold for 15+ minutes without giving me any human service so I'll just have to pay them a visit in-person.

And as my inner critique would have it: the best thing about the Ouran High School Host Club thus far is episode 8.

Things to do:
Complete Health Insurance paperwork
Mail Health Insurance paperwork
Assemble OAK book II outline
Write transition scenes between scattered OAK II scenes
Track future vacation plans in a planner
Meet Ridgecrest locals
Request lost episodes of Naruto from friends (can't remember which ones right now)
Finish watching Ouran High School Host Club
Save money for: new computer, deskjet printer, and car

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (DVD) Released December 11. (ugh- it's taken them forever to announce that!)

Phone Dead... Dead... Dead

My phone is currently doing a blinking screen with colored pixels thing so if you've tried my cell and can't reach me... you'll have to wait until I get off work and buy a new one. And it had better be under $100 cuz I haven't gotten paid yet >:(

Edit 10:12am
Already MS Word is giving me issues. I can't wait for lunch. This is terribly frustrating.
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Carving Pumpkins at 3am

Good Idea: getting creative with Halloween decorations
Bad Idea: waking up at 3am in the morning to decorate

My dad had my evening pretty much booked when he invited his mother over for dinner and she's handicap. In addition to which, I have been immensely sore from work and riding my bike to and fro-

To make a long story short, I passed out after dinner and woke up at 2am only to get out of bed and take care of everything I had planned to take care of the night before.

I had to: glue more feathers to my costume, carve my pumpkin, wash the pumpkin seeds, find Halloween music, record a CD, paint my nails black... all before the crack of dawn.

Good Night, everyone, and Happy Halloween.
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Week | 2 | Days to Halloween

It's week two of my new job and 2 days to Halloween. I am tackling this entry in pairs!

This is a pass-along question of curiosity to lj friends/users:
What are you doing for Halloween?

I have no more comments to make on my new job and my first assignment because I have pretty much attacked the project from all angles possible so one of my draft reports has to be done correctly. I have started the report several times and in several directions.

It's "no worries" when discussing the optimistic position I have taken on my first assignment. Besides, I have Halloween to keep my spirits up. Bwa-ha-ha

My plans are rather loner-ish but fun.

I will go to work dressed in the spirit of Halloween (but semi-conservative) and bring some goodies to liven things up. Then I will leave at 4pm to change for a carnival that takes place every year at my church. I am going dressed up as Sirena (see icon and website for more details), Hybrid that is half goth-girl and half vulture. When I have won as many cakes as I can carry from the carnival, I will go home, finish decorating, and sit outside in my Death Eater costume to pass candy out to trick or treaters. GOOD FUN!