word4word (word4word) wrote,

Not again!

Kittens! Adoption is free if you're interested in taking one home.

While cooking dinner on Tuesday, I could not help but notice the usual assortment of cats hanging around the patio. There's a family of five that come by morning and evening for food and even live in the old dog house. This time, there were six cats, or rather five cats and one iddy-biddy kitten.


The mother cat hears me shout from inside the house and stares at me through the window. Her young is circling and meowing for her. At the time, I only found the one kitten in the dog house and could not decide whether I had a feline version of the Octomom, or just an adopted stray.

Today it was confirmed that there was not just one kitten born to this mother, but a quadruplet of kittens. This being her second litter, you do the math: 4+4=?

Now that I've straightened that out, I am now tasked with the mission of nursing these now caged kittens and trying to find them homes.

The adventures continue...

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