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Smackdown: To Take or Be Taken

Tomorrow, it's WWE Smackdown live at the L.A. Convention Center! But after last night's disappointing defeat of the Undertaker by Edge, there are no guarantees that the "Phenom" will make an appearance at the event. One hopes that Edge's scheduled appearance will entice the Undertaker to take revenge during an unexpected appearance. However, the Undertaker has been banned from WWE due to his recent losing streak in matches. His career and pride stolen, the Undertaker must decide whether to walk away quietly from wrestling forever, relinquishing his title to those less worthy, or to take arms and defend his honor once and for all! To achieve his legacy, the outlaw would have more than just Edge to contend with, should he decide to show up for one final re-match. The entire cast of WWE will need to keep tight security around the convention center this Tuesday because a fugitive ex-wrestler is on the loose, last seen in San Diego, and no one knows what he is capable of.

Will the Undertaker challenge the odds that await him in L.A.? Or has he finally thrown in the towel?

Update: Photos!!!


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