word4word (word4word) wrote,

Cats and Dogs... or maybe just Cats

Here's a cute* story:

I was visiting by brother and sister in Pasadena this weekend and when I came home, there was a litter of kittens in the backyard. An all-black and bushy-tailed cat had (either this weekend or some time before) given birth to four healthy black-and-white (socks) kittens. These fuzzy creatures are still being nursed. They play on the patio but are unable to climb walls and fend for themselves. Born of a stray, they too shun from humans and must be observed from afar.

I enjoy watching them through the sliding glass door and bathroom window. Also, as I understand it, the kittens will need about 6 weeks before they are completely independent. I don't know what will happen to them after that: if they'll leave of their own accord or need adoption. If the latter, I hope to keep one for myself seeing as how the mother gave birth to them inside my (deceased) dog's doghouse. (My mom thinks the cat must have been a reincarnate of my dog - lol. I just think the creature found perfect - safe! - conditions for giving birth. What better place than an abandoned dog house in a predator-free backyard?)

Note: I will update this entry with a photograph later.

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