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Author by DESTINY?!

Research again proves that my literary achievement was somehow planned through a higher power. Periodically, I'll find some fact that correlates with my story with no previous research having been done before on the subject matter.

Take now, for instance, I had already decided on my character Achak's birthday (early June) back when I first started writing the first book and, for no other reason, made the decision to have his birthday share the date with a significant Native American tribal event around his home land (Yakima Treaty, June 9, 1855). For sequel-writing purposes, I decided to look up his birthstone, which was disputable depending on the source, so I looked up his astrological sign instead to help me narrow down the list of possible birthstones. He is a Gemini, a "twin," or as his surname goes (see user pic) a "Twinfang." lol Such is fate.

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