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Something Wicked this Way Comes

Life is filled with laughter and tears. All things bitter and all things sweet. Wax and honey.

Tonight, I realize that there are so many unfinished fights, most of which I've long since lost because I let the other side win. I gave up. $60... $100... a B+ instead of an A-... the steaks were never worth the trouble. I never thought of myself as a coward either when backing out of a fight. It just seemed like my time, my emotional health, or some other priceless treasure was not worth risking. Looking back at some of those instances, I think I was just making excuses... denying my fears... or just being lazy.

I wish now I could have won some of those battles... or maybe just stayed fighting a little longer to see how things played out.

Well, here goes nothing... everything:

Wireless, That's It! (aka WTI) is a scam, and they could be loose in your local mall (galleria, etc.). I am about to enter into a legal dispute with the company, which is currently employing a debt collector agency by the name of Scott & Goldman, Inc., to harass me weekly with phonecalls. I broke the contract, I owe WTI $200, blah-blah. "Not on my watch!" Today's lovely phone conversation became very passionate right up to the moment when I asked the lady, "So you know you're in business with con-artists? How do you sleep at night?"

Repeatedly, the female representative replied, "I'm not the one who signed the contract," and in other ways alluded to my negligence in failing to read or understand the (WTI) contract I signed onto. The "contract" is a half-page in length, equating to about 4 paragraphs or 12 sentences in length. And trust me, it's vague.

But it gets better, this scam can't possibly end with two organizations when it begins with Verizon! Who hired this company (WTI) to promote their services and provide their phones? A: Verizon

Who won't refund a cell phone after 15 days when their "Try us for 30 days" promotion goes on for... 30 days? A: Verizon

Who won't give me the number to their contracts office so that I can tell them about the 3rd Party company that is harassing their customers with unauthorized collection fees? A: Verizon

Yes, it is my belief that the big corporation is hiding behind this small shady business to conduct its dirty work. It's not a conspiracy - it's just pure crooked and unethical business. And I am fighting to stop it.

But since I've never seen a fight through to its end, I don't know if I'll win. It's an unfair world and I'm living in it. But, I don't care if I lose $200. Honestly, when I asked the lady "How can you sleep at night?" all I was thinking about was "How many others? How many other innocent, scammed victims are out there being mugged by this company?" Or worse, "How many more people will be conned out of their money if someone doesn't stand up and put these people out of business?"

Tonight, I vent. Tomorrow, I call a lawyer.

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