Stimulus 101

Since December 11, 2009, I have been an added statistic in the unemployment roll call. Yeah-baby! I'm still waiting for my first check... California's broke so I don't expect it any time soon. I suppose if I really wanted to take a vacation, I could cash out my 401k.

But, anyway, this blog is about "stimulus." Anyone remember that word? How about what it means?

Stim-u-lus (n): something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc.

In my current state, stimulus and motivation are hard to find. It certainly isn't waiting inside my mailbox, where there is still no sign of an unemployment check. I've had about four or five job rejections all the while, and the rest of the companies haven't even bothered to notify me whatever the case may be. Yeah, things are looking promising. And all the bills I have lined up for the new year include (from greatest to least expensive): car payment, car insurance, health care, cell phone, internet, and web-hosting. And maybe I forgot to mention one or two others.

How about that stimulus? It's here... somewhere. Here's where:

Shop thrifty at grocery stores. Food is a necessity so I doubt it'll hurt the market. Instead, I plan to spend my savings on me! And on making me happy! By spending money on luxuries, I can stimulate both myself and the economy. See how easy that was? The bills are still getting paid, there's food (albeit not the best of food) on the table, and...

All I know is that where there's a will, there's a way. I will find easy sources of income, like selling my book (maybe to a publisher!) and continue to explore new delights whenever I can guiltlessly afford it.

I'll say it again: I don't need to mope. Right now, I have a lot of leave, and I'm not afraid to use it.

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Not again!

Kittens! Adoption is free if you're interested in taking one home.

While cooking dinner on Tuesday, I could not help but notice the usual assortment of cats hanging around the patio. There's a family of five that come by morning and evening for food and even live in the old dog house. This time, there were six cats, or rather five cats and one iddy-biddy kitten.


The mother cat hears me shout from inside the house and stares at me through the window. Her young is circling and meowing for her. At the time, I only found the one kitten in the dog house and could not decide whether I had a feline version of the Octomom, or just an adopted stray.

Today it was confirmed that there was not just one kitten born to this mother, but a quadruplet of kittens. This being her second litter, you do the math: 4+4=?

Now that I've straightened that out, I am now tasked with the mission of nursing these now caged kittens and trying to find them homes.

The adventures continue...

Politics Galore! Videos, Slander, and More!

There are a lot of people taking part in the political debate. Including, the candidates' campaign managers. If the concept of these two debating sounds hysterical, just wait until you see what happens when the interview is done live on TV.

Rick Davis vs. David Axelrod

If you missed it. You should check out this video:
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Cliche: Poem 1

The rain beat like my nails on the keyboard - fast, slow, silent, then steady. My window blinds kept me from watching. I paused my work to listen, to take a peak and saw nothing. Then I sat back at my desk and soon forgot about the weather for a few hours more. I became deaf until I walked out the door. The sky was gray and many of the puddles had dried. I reached my truck and shifted the clutch into drive. Not even out of the parking lot, I watched as a jagged beam lit up the sky. So thin and defined that I could see its shape (pink) when I closed my eyes. Only twice more did I see it strike. I pulled up on the driveway then. No time. I did not stop to watch the free light show from the sky. My instincts alone led me to my room, to my computer, to the power button, to the hard drive menu, to the folder, to the document, and out of sight. There I was inside, my thoughts on the outside. I thought upon but did not move to see again the transient beauty that was calling me.

Smackdown: To Take or Be Taken

Tomorrow, it's WWE Smackdown live at the L.A. Convention Center! But after last night's disappointing defeat of the Undertaker by Edge, there are no guarantees that the "Phenom" will make an appearance at the event. One hopes that Edge's scheduled appearance will entice the Undertaker to take revenge during an unexpected appearance. However, the Undertaker has been banned from WWE due to his recent losing streak in matches. His career and pride stolen, the Undertaker must decide whether to walk away quietly from wrestling forever, relinquishing his title to those less worthy, or to take arms and defend his honor once and for all! To achieve his legacy, the outlaw would have more than just Edge to contend with, should he decide to show up for one final re-match. The entire cast of WWE will need to keep tight security around the convention center this Tuesday because a fugitive ex-wrestler is on the loose, last seen in San Diego, and no one knows what he is capable of.

Will the Undertaker challenge the odds that await him in L.A.? Or has he finally thrown in the towel?

Update: Photos!!!
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Cats and Dogs... or maybe just Cats

Here's a cute* story:

I was visiting by brother and sister in Pasadena this weekend and when I came home, there was a litter of kittens in the backyard. An all-black and bushy-tailed cat had (either this weekend or some time before) given birth to four healthy black-and-white (socks) kittens. These fuzzy creatures are still being nursed. They play on the patio but are unable to climb walls and fend for themselves. Born of a stray, they too shun from humans and must be observed from afar.

I enjoy watching them through the sliding glass door and bathroom window. Also, as I understand it, the kittens will need about 6 weeks before they are completely independent. I don't know what will happen to them after that: if they'll leave of their own accord or need adoption. If the latter, I hope to keep one for myself seeing as how the mother gave birth to them inside my (deceased) dog's doghouse. (My mom thinks the cat must have been a reincarnate of my dog - lol. I just think the creature found perfect - safe! - conditions for giving birth. What better place than an abandoned dog house in a predator-free backyard?)

Note: I will update this entry with a photograph later.
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Author by DESTINY?!

Research again proves that my literary achievement was somehow planned through a higher power. Periodically, I'll find some fact that correlates with my story with no previous research having been done before on the subject matter.

Take now, for instance, I had already decided on my character Achak's birthday (early June) back when I first started writing the first book and, for no other reason, made the decision to have his birthday share the date with a significant Native American tribal event around his home land (Yakima Treaty, June 9, 1855). For sequel-writing purposes, I decided to look up his birthstone, which was disputable depending on the source, so I looked up his astrological sign instead to help me narrow down the list of possible birthstones. He is a Gemini, a "twin," or as his surname goes (see user pic) a "Twinfang." lol Such is fate.
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Something Wicked this Way Comes

Life is filled with laughter and tears. All things bitter and all things sweet. Wax and honey.

Tonight, I realize that there are so many unfinished fights, most of which I've long since lost because I let the other side win. I gave up. $60... $100... a B+ instead of an A-... the steaks were never worth the trouble. I never thought of myself as a coward either when backing out of a fight. It just seemed like my time, my emotional health, or some other priceless treasure was not worth risking. Looking back at some of those instances, I think I was just making excuses... denying my fears... or just being lazy.

I wish now I could have won some of those battles... or maybe just stayed fighting a little longer to see how things played out.

Well, here goes nothing... everything:

Wireless, That's It! (aka WTI) is a scam, and they could be loose in your local mall (galleria, etc.). I am about to enter into a legal dispute with the company, which is currently employing a debt collector agency by the name of Scott & Goldman, Inc., to harass me weekly with phonecalls. I broke the contract, I owe WTI $200, blah-blah. "Not on my watch!" Today's lovely phone conversation became very passionate right up to the moment when I asked the lady, "So you know you're in business with con-artists? How do you sleep at night?"

Repeatedly, the female representative replied, "I'm not the one who signed the contract," and in other ways alluded to my negligence in failing to read or understand the (WTI) contract I signed onto. The "contract" is a half-page in length, equating to about 4 paragraphs or 12 sentences in length. And trust me, it's vague.

But it gets better, this scam can't possibly end with two organizations when it begins with Verizon! Who hired this company (WTI) to promote their services and provide their phones? A: Verizon

Who won't refund a cell phone after 15 days when their "Try us for 30 days" promotion goes on for... 30 days? A: Verizon

Who won't give me the number to their contracts office so that I can tell them about the 3rd Party company that is harassing their customers with unauthorized collection fees? A: Verizon

Yes, it is my belief that the big corporation is hiding behind this small shady business to conduct its dirty work. It's not a conspiracy - it's just pure crooked and unethical business. And I am fighting to stop it.

But since I've never seen a fight through to its end, I don't know if I'll win. It's an unfair world and I'm living in it. But, I don't care if I lose $200. Honestly, when I asked the lady "How can you sleep at night?" all I was thinking about was "How many others? How many other innocent, scammed victims are out there being mugged by this company?" Or worse, "How many more people will be conned out of their money if someone doesn't stand up and put these people out of business?"

Tonight, I vent. Tomorrow, I call a lawyer.
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